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Safe & Confident Under Pressure

When it comes to important perfusion equipment inside the perfusion circuit, Quest Medical safety valves can perform a critical role for perfusion safety. Quest safety valves offer optimum prevention of retrograde flow, negative pressure, and related hazards.

With safety and quality as a top priority, Quest develops and manufactures all Safety Valves in the USA. Each type of valve is available as sterile and/or non-sterile direct from Quest Medical, Inc. and from procedure kit suppliers.


Confident One-way Flow Control

The Quest RetroGuard automatically prevents retrograde flow in the arterial line when a centrifugal pump is used. Large duckbill valve minimizes resistance to flow


  • Silicone duckbill valve
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) housing
  • Not made with latex

Available sterile (REF 4007100) and non-sterile (REF 4007200) from Quest Medical, Inc. and all procedure kit suppliers.

Safe Vacuum Relief 

Protect the Flow from possible air embolisms

Quest Medical safety valves assist perfusionists with managing flow and pressures through preventing retrograde flow, relieving vacuum pressure, and venting excessive positive pressure.


Key Features:

  • Optimum management of vent pressures and vacuum relief
  • Positive pressure relief
  • Reverse flow protection
  • Barbed fittings:  1/4 in. (6.35 mm)



  • Housing – VRV line: Polycarbonate, RLV line: ABS
  • Silicone duckbill valve
  • Silicone Pressure relief band
  • Not made with latex


Average relief pressure: Negative:  -150 mmHg / Positive:  340 mmHg


Average relief pressure: Negative:  -150 mmHg / Positive:  340 mmHg


Average relief pressure: Negative:  -200 mmHg @ 2.0 LPM / Positive:  <1300 mmHg

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