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Experience Unparalleled Myocardial Protection with Microplegia by Quest MPS®3 ND System.

 When it comes to safeguarding the myocardium, precision and natural distribution are paramount. Introducing Microplegia by Quest MPS®3 ND System, the solution that provides superior myocardial protection while eliminating the negative effects of excessive dilution.

 Say goodbye to tissue edema, lower hematocrit, increased blood product transfusions, elevated potassium and glucose levels, and the risk of low cardiac output syndrome associated with traditional 4:1 (Blood:Crystalloid) cardioplegia. 

 With Microplegia, you can:

·      maximize the aerobic environment for the myocardium

·      reduce hemodilution

·      lower blood product transfusion rates

·      minimize the use of hemoconcentrators

·       reduce the need for inotropes

 When it comes to protecting the myocardium, trust the innovation and reliability of the Quest MPS®3 ND System with Microplegia. Your patients deserve the best, and you deserve the peace of mind that comes with precise and effective myocardial protection.

 Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Microplegia by Quest MPS3 ND System. Let us be your partner in delivering exceptional cardiac care.

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