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Unleash the Power of Versatility with the Quest MPS®3 ND System

 When it comes to cardiovascular perfusion, flexibility is key. That’s why the Quest MPS®3 ND System is here to revolutionize your practice by accommodating a wide range of solutions, ensuring seamless compatibility with your preferred agents and methodologies.

The Quest MPS3 ND System is designed to accommodate a variety of solutions, including: 

·      Microplegia

·      Plegisol® 

·      Custodiol® (HTK)

·      Buckberg 4:1

·      All Blood Single

·      del Nido 1:4

·      Cold Agglutinins

No matter what ratio, strategy, methodology, or time frame you prefer, this system has got you covered. We understand that every patient is unique, and your choice of solution is critical to their well-being. With the Quest MPS®3 ND System, you have the freedom to tailor your approach to meet the specific needs of each case, ensuring optimal myocardial protection and patient outcomes.

Gone are the days of limitations and compromises. Embrace a new era of cardiovascular perfusion where any ratio, any strategy, and any methodology is within your reach. The Quest MPS®3 ND System empowers you to deliver personalized care without boundaries.

Experience the power of versatility. Elevate your practice with the Quest MPS®3 ND System and unlock a world of possibilities in cardiovascular perfusion.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Quest MPS®3 ND System can revolutionize your approach to myocardial protection. Let us be your partner in achieving exceptional patient care.

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