LacriCATH® Catheters

Chronic tearing and blocked lacrimal duct treatments using LacriCATH catheters are less invasive, less traumatic, and reduce operating time. Available in sizes and styles for both Dacryoplasty (DCP) and Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) procedures, LacriCATH catheters offer patients seeking an epiphora treatment, or watering eyes treatment, a simple and effective alternative to incisional surgery. 

  • LacriCATH DCP Balloon Catheter, 2mm
    DCP Balloon Catheter, 2mm 
  • LacriCATH DCP Balloon Catheter, 3mm
    DCP Balloon Catheter, 3mm 
  • LacriCATH DCR Balloon Catheter, 5mm
    DCR Balloon Catheter, 5mm