9545 Q2® CheckMate® Extension Set

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Product Information

Q2 ® CheckMate ® Extension Set | 3 Q2 pressure-activated checkvalves, inline checkvalve, pinch clamp. Approximate priming volume: 3.1 mL, 50 units/case

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Features and Benefits

  • Q2 ® is the latest needle-free technology
  • Eliminates retrograde flow with unique integrated pressure activated checkvalve
  • Q2 ports maintain sterile barrier / closed system
  • Highest flow rates, lowest deadspace
  • Luer activates with luer lock or slip syringes
  • Unrestricted fluid path
  • No replacement caps

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Materials
    • Body:
      • Plastic housing: Polycarbonate 
      • Injection sites: Silicone
      • Checkvalves: Silicone
    • All materials are latex-free

Information Download

  • U.S. Patents D569391
  • D570373 
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