Fluid Delivery Split Septum Needleless Connectors

Quest Medical, Inc. manufactures a full line of fluid delivery, anesthesia manifolds and intravenous (IV) administration sets. The Q2® Split Septum Needleless Connectors were designed to assist in meeting infection control guidelines.

Quest's unique needleless split septum technology, combined with the innovative swab port developed by Halkey Roberts, offers a unique line of specialty swab components with and without integral check valves. Quest's IV sets integrate neutral ports with gravity or pressure activated check valves to ensure medications are delivered directly to the patient without the risk of retrograde flow into the main flush line. Multiple side port check valve designs accommodate infusion needs including gravity drip lines, syringe push, and pump delivery. The integrated Q2® luer injection ports suppress in-line fluid leaks, air ingresses, and occlusion risks when disconnecting syringes or secondary sets. The Q2 delivers medications while maintaining neutrality within a sterile, non-evasive pathway. Integrated check valves incorporated into the Q2 injectable cap provide the clinician accuracy, convenience, security and confidence during anesthesia delivery and while administering IV fluids.

The combined Quest Medical products of MultiPort® and CheckMate® manifolds, Q2 injectable caps, and IV sets, serve and support several areas of practice including, OR/Surgery, ICU, Oncology, CCU, and PICU/NICU.

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