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Quest Microplegia with the MPS2 Myocardial Protection System is a cost-effective strategy utilizing undiluted blood with targeted amounts of cardio-protective additives, adjustable to meet the changing requirements of each patient during cardioplegia procedures such as CABG surgery. Microplegia is blood cardioplegia without the crystalloid, and is rapidly being adopted by surgeons and perfusionists as the new standard of care to reduce morbidity and improve outcomes. Adequacy of perfusion, early recovery of metabolism and function are best achieved with the MPS2 Myocardial Protection System.


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Features and Benefits

    Pressure, route, composition, flow control, temperature, additives and arrest are all critical principles of true physiologically-based Microplegia. The integrated protection strategy provides the ultimate metabolic environment and natural buffer (blood) with cardio-protective additives delivered to the myocyte and endothelium to manage and attenuate ischemia. The results of such comprehensive control is the restoration of normal metabolism and promotion of functional recovery. The MPS2 is easily adapted to mount on all heart lung machines currently available in the market.

  • Route | Antegrade, retrograde or simulgrade
  • Composition | Oxygenated blood, natural buffers (imidazole/histidine) and oncotic pressure 
  • Flow Control | Precise, continuous or cyclic delivery
  • Pressure | Auto-regulated: dynamic response to ischemia, maximizes distribution as resistance changes
  • Temperature | Responsive: warm, cold, or tepid 
  • Additives | Targeted delivery for maximized benefit
  • Arrest | Adjustable and precise delivery to arrest and protect

With so much control, the Quest MPS2 provides the opportunity to:


  • Perform surgery without the use of blood transfusion (blood conservation)
  • Reduce myocardial edema
  • Reduce systemic hemodilution 
  • Reduce blood usage
  • Improve K+ management
  • Improve glucose management
  • Provide precision pressure and temperature management
  • Provide superior air detection
  • Enhance safety

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The Quest MPS2 Myocardial Protection System console and disposables are protected by one or more patents and patents pending worldwide, including: U.S. Patents US5899873, US5573502, EP0643976, US5638737, US5645531, and EP0828526 

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