7001102 MPS® Mini-Prime Delivery Set

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Product Information

Modified cardioplegia deliver set with cut to fit - 3/16 in. blood source line, 3/16 in. to 1/4 in. adapter, 50 mL arrest and additive cassettes. Table line sold separately.

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Features and Benefits

  • Crystalloid line 
  • Mini-prime blood line 
  • Low volume blood line
  • Blood:Crystalloid pump cassette
  • Heat exchanger with integral bubble trap
  • Vent line
  • Arrest agent cassette
  • Additive cassette
  • Tubing adapter

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Designed for use with the Quest MPS and MPS2 console for delivery of cardioplegia solutions to the heart during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
  • Sterile 

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The Quest MPS2 Myocardial Protection System console and disposables are protected by one or more patents and patents pending worldwide, including: U.S. Patents US5899873, US5573502, EP0643976, US5638737, US5645531, and EP0828526 

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