5051107 MPS® Dual Lumen Retrograde Extension Line with Y-Set

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Product Information

Dual lumen line for delivery and pressure monitoring; Y-set (pressure transducer not included)

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Features and Benefits

  • Designed for to be used with the Quest MPS system to deliver solutions and monitor coronary sinus pressure
  • Red-striped antegrade Y-Set delivery line
  • Blue-striped retrograde Y-Set delivery line 
  • Dual Lumen Retrograde pressure line
  • Clear priming bridge

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Designed for use with the Quest MPS and MPS2 console for delivery of cardioplegia solutions to the heart during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
  • Sterile

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The Quest MPS2 Myocardial Protection System console and disposables are protected by one or more patents and patents pending worldwide, including: U.S. Patents US5899873, US5573502, EP0643976, US5638737, US5645531, and EP0828526

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