MPS® Console - 5201260: Quest Medical’s Myocardial Protection System console for cardiac surgery.

MPS®2 Myocardial Protection System

Technology so unique, Quest Medical was awarded eight U.S. patents for this perfusion system. At the heart of the MPS2 system are Spline-Piston pumps coupled with state of the art pressure sensors enabling unparalleled drug delivery accuracy. Whether you are performing on pump or off pump cardiac surgery, the Quest MPS2 system enables you to safely go where you want, with what you want, exactly when you want it.

The Quest Myocardial Protection System, consisting of the MPS2 Console and the MPS2 Delivery Set used together, is intended for use by perfusionists and physicians to deliver whole blood (from any arterial source) and / or cardio-protective drugs/solutions to the heart during open heart surgery.

MPS® Console - 5201260

MPS® Console - 5201260: This perfusion system is a cost-effective strategy utilizing undiluted blood with targeted amounts of cardio-protective additives, adjustable to meet the changing requirements of each patient.

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