Cardiovascular Devices

Whether protecting the heart during cardiopulmonary bypass, making the perfect aortotomy, or retracting or occluding a vessel, Quest Medical cardiovascular surgery instruments can help your surgical procedures go according to plan. With a wide range of choices, you can be assured of having the optimum cardiovascular medical devices. 

Quest Medical offers several cardiovascular surgery products.
Myocardial Protection System 
Quest Medial is a manufactuere of cardiovascular medical devices.
Aortic Punches
Quest Medical cardiovascular surgery instruments such as Retract-o-tape provides vascular loops for the effective occlusion of arteries and vessels.
Cardiovascular Products,  such as Saddleloops from Quest Medical, provide better visibility and minimum intrusion.
Quest Medical Cardiovascular Products, such as safety valves, prevent retrograde arterial blood flow in the event of centrifugal pump failure.
Safety Valves