For the way you prepare cardioplegia.

Discover how our technology can help reduce costs, simplify the management, and always meet compliance regulations.

Eliminate Compounding
With the innovative technique of drawing drugs directly from the vial, the need for compound manufacturing of multi-ingredient cardioplegia solutions for heart surgery is completely eliminated.

Meet Compliance
One way the MPS helps pharmacy departments meet compliance regulations is by creating a closed loop for potassium use by transferring the validated and verified arrest drug from sterile vial to sterile pouch. Advanced safety features include drug delivery control and monitoring, and air embolism prevention.

Enable Control
• Reduce obsolescence 1,7
• Improve Accuracy 9
• Maintain Safety

Transfer drugs from sterile vial to sterile pouch. Amount transfered and amount used is clearly displayed on the MPS so perfusionists are able to keep record of the amount of drugs with precise measurements displayed on the MPS during surgery. The MPS automatically interfaces directly into the perfusion surgical record and the hospital information record. This enables complete control of the drug delivery and disposal.

Save Cash
Pharmacy departments in hospitals using the MPS are able to greatly reduce costs by eliminating the purchase of compounded cardioplegia, while reducing waste. 1,7

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