Quest Medical, Inc. Intern Testimonials

"Overall, Quest Medical was a fantastic opportunity for me. I was given the chance to do assignments that I had never done before within the medical device industry, and was given the independence to do them. The employees were very hospitable, willing to help me even with their busy schedules. Thanks to Quest, I can take a lot of what I learned home with me for my future endeavors, and this company has changed my way of thinking about industry in the greatest way possible.
Cody F.
R&D Intern
"My experience with Quest Medical as an R&D intern was eye-opening to the medical device industry. The internship bridged my experiences from what I've learned on the academic side to how they fit with the business side of the industry.I enjoyed that I had the opportunity to work on projects that had a tangible impact on the company. I learned about the entire design and development process and was given relative freedom followed by validation and verification afterwards. I had a fairly equal amount of exposure to testing and design, and my experience with software such as Solidworks was strengthened. I recommend the internship program for a fulfilling and educational experience in a welcoming and helpful environment. The experience solidified my decision to work in the medical devices industry after graduation."
David Y.
R&D Intern
"Working with Quest was very rewarding; I have a much greater understanding of the medical device industry and the details of product development. I was treated as an equal member of the R&D team, my colleagues respected my opinions and ideas, and the projects I contributed to were relevant and important to the team. Because of this internship, I am confident in my ability to contribute to R&D work in my future career. To top it off, everyone at Quest is extremely welcoming and great to work with!"
Shelby B.
Engineering Intern
"My experience at Quest Medical was exactly what I was looking for in an internship. I was warmly welcomed by the entire office and became acquainted with everyone within the first week. The number of projects was manageable, yet allowed me to develop various skills to further my career. By shadowing my very knowledgeable supervisor, I leave Quest with a much greater understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in maintaining a network and deploying new systems in an enterprise environment. My internship at Quest Medical has given me a better idea of where I want to take my career, and the skills to fulfill that path."
Jimmy C.
IT Intern
"I wanted a challenging position that was hands on, and Quest Medical exceeded those expectations. Although my stay was short, I spent my time solving technically challenging problems, learning new software, and testing products. I was even given the opportunity to conduct my own experiments in the clean room. Everyone at Quest Medical is extremely welcoming, and my supervisors were especially knowledgeable and eager for me to learn and apply myself. My experience at Quest Medical was more rewarding than ever expected. I came here with no prior medical knowledge, and now, I’ve developed an understanding for the field. I highly recommend applying for a position at Quest Medical. They make a great team. " 
Jordan R.
Engineering Intern


“During undergraduate Engineering studies, my professors and advisors endorsed internships as a first look at the job expectations for the medical device industry.  I researched medical device companies in the Dallas area and found Quest Medical.  Within my first week as an intern at Quest Medical, I was contributing to the mechanical and software design of a new tester.  I learned and applied Design Control practices required in the Medical Engineering field.  My mentor guided me through working with a cross functional team to implement our tester to the production floor.  Although the internship only lasted 12 weeks, I got hands on experience and the summer was very rewarding.  My time at Quest cemented my post-graduation plans of working in industry with a R&D Engineering group.
Following graduation, I returned to Quest Medical as a Manufacturing Engineer for the R&D group.  Quest has continued to be beneficial for my career; with their training and support I’ve contributed to multiple product development projects and have grown into a manager role within the Engineering group.”
Juliette R.
Advanced Process Engineering (APE) Manager